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Frequently asked questions

General info

By registering as affiliate and promoting campaigns. Our customer care will help you choose best campaigns for the beginning.

No. You can register your account for free.

We speak Spanish, Polish, English and Estonian. Our technical support is only in English or Estonian.

Currently we are focused only in financial market. We have mostly payday and installment loans.

Yes, we accept affiliates from all around the world.

AdGoals is a Spanish company that also has it's offices in Estonia and Poland.

After registration you will see your personal manager contacts in the platform side menu.


Identification number (personal or company)

International Bank Account Number

Please check your spam, it might be there.

You must confirm your e-mail from the same country IP that You used for registering.

As the accounts are activated manually, it may take some time. Please be patient and we will activate it as soon as possible.


Tracking is not correct or you don't have any conversions yet.

Yes, when you need techincal help your personal account manager will connect you to our technical support.

Just add your traffic source as a parameter in the end of your publisher link. Ex: &subid=social


Mainly finance. ES, MX, PL, AR.

The answer is different every time, but could be: "Consult your account manager."

As soon as any paused campaign will be reactivated you will receive a notification about it from our platform.


AdGoals has created automatic system for invoices to save time for both parties. The invoices will be generated automatically in all GEOS by the 8th of each month

To make you sure that your money will reach your bank account without any problems, only your Account Manager can change billing data. Let us know which data point you need to change. You can get your manager contact under platform side menu.

All invoices will be generated automatically in all countries by the 8th of each month

Each country and its earnings are independent. The invoices are generated by current GEO and currency.

Invoices are available in billing when the results are confirmed with advertisers. Usually from 10 to 14 days after the end of the billing month. We try to pay invoices on the same day they were published. Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, the payment may be extended by 2 or 3 days.

The minimum payout is 100€, 100$ or 400 PLN

No. Instant payments are not currently available in Mexico.

No. Instant payments are not currently available in Poland.

No, all earnings are calculated by country and its not possible to sum them up.

It can happen if:

  1. You didn't have any results in one of the countries in the past month.

  2. You didn't reach limit of minimum amount

  3. You didn't select correct region. In this case, every invoice is visible only under the region it belongs to.


At the moment we are working to improve instant payments. We will inform you immediately with all necessary details when this tool will be back.

No. The minimum payout is 100€, 100$, 400 PLN

There are various factors affecting the time of delivery of the transfer to your account. Sometimes, the transfer is prolonged due to delays in the validation of results by advertisers or the number of intermediary banks in delivering money to your account (in case of a transfer to an account in another country).

Your earnings haven't disappeared, you can see your clicks, conversions and earnings from our platform if enter performace and select the dates for example last month, last week or etc. Also make sure you have selected the correct country form the top. Earnings are calculated for each GEO separately.

Changes on your account

Because all data must be checked by a manager that can also request changes on the invoice if needed. Its important to avoid issues with payments.

Please contact your account manager.

No. For that you must register again with the correct account type and inform your account manager to delete the wrong account created.